Every participant will receive the up to date Interactive Crossing Guide with more than 100 pages of useful and vital information and links  for this journey. You will find information of marinas, services, sponsors and much more. Here you can find also lots of discounts of companies and needed services. 
This interactive crossing Guide is being updated every year to give you the best and most accurate information for the journey.

In Viking Explorers our priority, like yours, is safety. That's why we offer a Safety Seminar by Oliver Solanas Heinrichs, who was safety officer for other transatlantic rallies and has crossed the Atlantic several times. Every skipper is responsible for the safety of their boat and crew - no compulsary equipment checks and the organization takes no responsibility in any matters. 
Even there is no compulsory equipment, a liferaft, EPIRB, sat coms and trained crews are essential. 

Sailing seminars and webinars

We will have one week of interesting seminars, webinars and lectures from experienced sailors. The main ones are Safety, Communication, Provisioning and First aid kit. Last year we introduced “Tips & Tricks for the Caribbean” that was really useful for the sailors. According to the webinars, you will have access to a member area where you can find a selection of videos from our partners. Lee Mathews, a participant of VE2020, will give you a seminar about "very basic"astro navigation"and downwind sailing experience with the Viking Explorers”. He's a Yachtmaster Instructor Ocean and has been sailing for 25 years. Laura Gonzalez will offer a video about her project Sail&Whale, Joan Conover, vice-president of the Seven Seas Cruising Association a webinar about communication and much more content! In addition, we will visit your boat every day and assist you with all your needs.

Carlota, local of Gran Canaria, will help you to complete your grab bag and first aid kit with all the things you are missing. This will be arranged in the first aid kit seminar. 
We collaborate with a local pharmacy in Gran Canaria who will offer a 10% discount and a preferential service. This will be arrange with Carlota at our First Aid kit seminar. 

Do you have kids and need time to prepare the boat? Viking Explorers has a service of babysitting, a girl with the University degree of Early Childhood Education who will plan activities during the day  for the kids, so you have time to prepare everything while they are having a great time. She can also teach safety basics onboard as she has been living on boats for years.


Who doesn't like parties? During the event, there will be parties and get-togethers on the three islands (Gran Canaria, Mindelo and Grenada). so get to know the other participants, share your experiences and make friends for life.

transantlantic monitoring


We maintain a database of safety and identification info on all registered boats which is a great benefit to search and rescue organizations in the event of an emergency. We use Predictwind for tracking and weather monitoring.

During the route, from Canary Islands to Mindelo and then from Mindelo to Grenada, the team will follow up and contact the participants through the satellite  devices if needed. Having a team on shore, we will constantly monitor the boats. The use of a satellite device is optional, but necessary for our tracking and all monitoring.  Participants, will receive an email from the Rally Control, where they can contact us at all times. We will also post all the info on our official facebook page and group. We will do a live broadcast every few days so at all times family and friends will be informed. 
Furthermore, all boats will be connected with each other. logo has become recognized as the authority and repository for information on Overdue, Missing and Stolen Vessels throughout the world. works closely with the USCG Rescue Coordination Centers around the country and the world.  We collaborate with them and will file a float plan for the fleet as to increase safety. The float plan will be “deactivated” once the vessel has safely arrived

whatsapp logo

MORNING BROADCAST? Being connected 

The Viking Explorers excluisve WhatsApp Group for participants is a great way to be connected 24/7. Every morning at 0900 we will send an info message and "what´s on" to all participants in Las Palmas.  But not only there. This group will be active until the 1st of June, the official start of the hurricane e season. So once you get to the Caribbean, you can still be connected with everyone for many months. The best way to get up to date information of the Viking Explorers family cruising the Caribbean. 

skippers briefing


The important skippers briefing will be performed just a few days before departure at the prestigious Royal Yacht Club of Gran Canaria.. The organisation TOGETHER with the captains will decide if the weather and conditions are appropriate for a safe departure. In the last years the departure has been delayed for a day or two. The Fleet decides!! The start is scheduled for the 6th of January, but it is the captains decision to leave, weather permitting. This is prudent seamanship.


Pure Grenada logo

The Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) is the National Tourism Organisation of Grenada, responsible for the development of the tourism sector of Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique through destination management and marketing. They are our Official Arrival Hosts and will give you a warm welcome to this beautiful island located in the hurricane safe southern part of the Caribbean. 
We are also in contact constant with them and the Minister of Health.

Port Louis Marina Grenada West Indies logo

Located in the beautiful Lagoon just outside St. George’s, the capital, Port Louis Marina provides the perfect base from which to sail the unspoilt Caribbean Paradise of Grenada and the Grenadines. They offer to our participants 1 night for free in the marina (electricity and water not included), 15% discount up to 10days berthing,  Free WiFi and garbage disposal. You can also enjoy all the facilities like the swimming pool. Customs and Immigration is located inside the marina. The majority of yacht refit, repair and maintenance services are available at Port Louis Marina.

Camber & Nicholsons Marinas logo

First founded in 1782 as a construction shipyard, the Camper & Nicholsons name became synonymous with expertise, market knowledge, design & build excellence and effortless performance, characteristics that are still echoed in the company’s core values today.

Westerhall Estate Grenada Rum logo

Westerhall Estate is a high quality producer of branded Rum products for the local (Grenadian) and international markets. Operating since the 1900s, Westerhall Estate has developed experience and quality that reflect strongly in the Rums produced, drawing unto the traditions of the island paradise of Grenada. Their rum is perfectly balanced and blended to ensure that once you taste, you will surely find a Westerhall Rum for every occasion. They sponsor the fantastic Welcome Ceremony with our fun price giving and cocktail party. The Rum and a truly Caribbean atmosphere is guaranteed.


Marina Mindelo logo

Marina Mindelo, founded in 2005, is the official host for the stopover and has been collaborating with the event since the beginning. Located in the island of Sao Vicente in the Cape Verde archipelago, will ensure a warm welcome to our fleet. You will get a small Welcome Envelope with lots of information. They will organize a welcome party and will offer 20% discount in berthing. They will be waiting for you.

Imray logo

Imray Laurie Norie & Wilson Ltd, the main nautical publisher company formed in 1904,  will provide each boat with a B100 chart of the Atlantic Ocean. 
They have been with Viking Explorers since the beginning and they help to increase the safety of the fleet offering this chart. logo

Predictwind is the World Leader in Wind Forecasting. Ocean Racing & Americas Cup proven, highest resolution wind & marine forecasts on the web. It is our official tracking and weather monitoring company. Offers 20% rebate on their PW subscription new or existing on the Standard or Professional version for 1 year or 3 months.

They also promote the Iridium GO  Marine Package for a very good price.

Hydrovane logo

Hydrovane is both: a Self Steering Windvane System and an Emergency Rudder/ Steering System. Hydrovane will be your best crew member! Visit their website for more info. It has had a very good acceptance within our sailors and has been also with Viking Explorers since the beginning. 

Puerto Tazacorte logo

Puerto Tazacorte is the last and peaceful European marina located on the west coast of La Palma.

Come to discover Tazacorte, the place with more solar hours in Europe and enjoy the wonderful views and the sunsets. Contact them to know what discount they offer to Viking Explorers participants.

Island Dreams Yacht Services logo

Island Dreams has been providing Yacht Services in Grenada since 1999 and is dedicated to providing services to enable yacht owners and crew to make the most of their time sailing in the Caribbean. Their services include yacht guardianage and caretaking checks, project management, parts sourcing and clearance, cleaning and polishing and all aspects of yacht maintenance.

Calapagos Yacht Agents logo

Visiting the Galapagos is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and you should not miss a single moment because of problems obtaining cruising permits or unexpected boating problems. Partner with Yacht Agents Galapagos for an unforgettable and stress-free cruise. They serve sailing vessels and yachts of any size. Their local agents provide a full-range of marine services and are accustomed to working with a demanding, international clientele.

Edward William logo

Edward William was incorporated in 2004 as an international marine insurance agent offering comprehensive cover for boats and marine equipment around the world. The key to their success is based on their exemplary customer service and our policy of being able to arrange flexible insurance cover without imposing unnecessary restrictions. They pride themselves on being able to offer marine insurance for any boat, any waters, any use, any where. They will offer discounts and a preference service to our participants. 

Doyle guides logo

Doyle Guides offers 35% discount to Viking Explorers participants (from 36,95 USD to 24 USD). Book these with us before departure in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Also to celebrate the 20th edition of the guide (that’s 40 years of writing!) they’re giving away a FREE sample chapter from the newest edition. Visit their website to download a free PDF of the Grenada chapter. We will also give you an exclusive chart from Chris Doyle, just edited, fresh with all the vital information of this three Island estate. 

Canary islands logo

The Canary Islands deserved to be discovered, that's why if you join Viking Explorers, you will have the support from the author of this unique guide published by Imray. The perfect opportunity to visit all these marvelous islands before heading to Gran Canaria for the last preparations before the crossing. Have a free look inside here. All participant will get a free ebook to help you discover the Canary Islands. logo

8islas founded in 2013 is the Bluewater Sailing Platform that helps sailors on the Canary Islands. It represents several Cruising Associations and helps sailors to discover these beautiful Islands. Due to a tight collaboration with Imray, we offer up to 25% discounts to sailors here

Seven Seas Cruising Association logo
Supporter of the friendly rally across the Atlantic logo

Several cruising Associations have been supporting the Viking Explorers since the start. They have many webinars and lectures that will be offered also to our participants. We issue a " Transatlantic Diploma" to every participant. This Official Diploma is recognized by the associations as a proof of your great achievement.


Global Oceanic Environmental Survey

Goes Foundation is about helping deliver solutions to protect plankton, the planets life support system, this is our best hope to reverse climate change. We all have an important role to play in eliminating chemical and plastic pollution. It will be the largest undertaking for the Viking Explorers; Dr. Dryden will be sailing alongside them and helping to make next year’s rally a pivotal point in oceanic research for climate change mitigation. Become part of the GOES Blue Ocean Science Ambassadors, and help Dr Dryden and his team collate the precious samples required to undertaken this innovative and unique survey. Visit here their website for more information.

Sail & Whale logo

Nowadays, one of the biggest challenges to study cetaceans is to get their occurrence data especially in high seas. And that's exactly where thousands of sailboats are travelling: around the world's oceans at any single moment. How many of them are seeing whales and dolphins on their way? Sail & Whale is a project which intends to get long term useful cetacean data in collaboration with sailors, citizens and scientists. 

naturbrush logo

Naturbrush is the first Spanish brand of biodegradable toothbrushes. They have a good range of eco products and will provide Viking Explorers participants with some nice products. Visit 

Bambaw logo

Bambaw, founded in 2015 by the twin brothers Max and Augustin, offers zero waste products for a better future. Their mission is to rethink the way we consume and offer durable alternatives to wasteful products, which they call zero-waste swaps. They will provide a range of products to Viking Explorers participants. 

Visit to discover more about them!

Superbee logo

Did you know that the average family uses 24 rolls of plastic wrap per year? SuperBee Wax Wraps was founded in 2016 by australian-born, Antoinette Jackson. They are  based in the picturesque mountains of Northern Thailand and the team is made up of mostly women from local villages. They will supply Viking Explorers with products to improve their galleys with zero waste.  Check their website and learn more about them. 


There are may companies that offer nice discounts on products and services. Just contact them and tell them you are a Viking Explorers participant. They will be happy to assist you.


  • Lava Charter (a chandlery in Lanzarote). Several discounts, don't hesitate in ask them

  • Pasito Blanco (a marina in Gran Canaria) offers 15% discount on your stay.

  • Lumba Dive (a diving company in Carriacou) offers 20% discount on your diving experience.

    …and more companies will join!