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  • What is the vision of this Rally?
    Sharing knowledge, helping each other, likeminded new friends with the same goal.
  • What is the ethos of the Rally?
    The Viking Explorers is a small exclusive fleet with a maximum of 25 boats. The ethos is not the biggest group, but the friendliest one. The Viking Explorers tries not to be so commercial as other events and focuses much more on an easy going familiar atmosphere. That’s also why the crew decides 2 days before departure, at the Skippers Briefing if it is safe to leave.
  • When does it start?
    The start is scheduled to leave the Canary Islands on the 6th of January to the Caribbean Island of Grenada. This is not the official departure. Captais will decide the departure a few days prior to this date. There is the alternative to leave from any other marina or from Cape Verde.
  • What is the Route?
    Boats depart en route to Mindelo in the Cap Verde, 850 miles. After a few days the fleet leaves to cover the 2200 miles to the Caribbean island of Grenada. Since the pandemic, Mindelo is an alternative stop.
  • How big is the Fleet?
    Maximum 25 boats, a nice small family.
  • Who is the Sponsor of the Rally?
    The Viking Explorers Rally is sponsored by the Grenada Tourism Authority and Camper & Nicholson Port Louis Marina. It has the support from sponsors called “ Friends of Viking Explorers” and Eco-friendly companies. It has the support of cruising associations as the Seven Seas Cruising Association, the Ocean Cruising Club and Anavre ( Spanish Cruising Association).
  • What is the history of the Rally?
    The first Viking Explorers left Gran Canaria in 2018 to Barbados being a completely free event with no sponsors. Since 2018, the Viking Explorers do charge a low fee and have been supported by Tourism Authorities, companies, cruising associations and passionate sailors. Viking Explorers has gained a lot of popularity since it started.
  • Is Viking Explorers a race?
    Viking Explorers is not a race and the organization encourages the fleet to help each other.
  • Why Viking Explorers is an ECO friendly event?
    Viking Explorers make a great effort in helping the environment. It collaborates with the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the Program Sail & Whale. Participants are encouraged to collaborate and forward data. The Viking Explorers tries to reduce their negative impact towards the environment, reduces drastically plastic used at their events, and creates awareness within the sailing community for a better and cleaner planet.
  • What about COVID-19?
    The organization is in constant contact with the authorities and have introduced all health protocols within their rally. In Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, all health issues are being organized in collaboration with Hospital Perpetuo Socorro. In the Caribbean we have the support of the Minister of health and Authorities to ensure a safe arrival The crews are advised to take extra cautions and to follow at all times the changing protocols.
  • What about Safety equipment?
    There are very few ”rules” in the Viking Explorers. We do not demand that you will carry any special equipment and spend thousand of euros, as we only want you to be responsible for your own and your crews security! We will give you a list according to the World Sailing Offshore regulations. We advise you to take part in the very important safety seminar. Even there is no compulsory equipment, a liferaft, EPIRB, Sat coms and trained crew are essential.
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