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And after the Viking Explorers Rally?

Many of us that have crossed the Atlantic have found themselves in this situation, what to do when it´s time to go back home?

Some will continue sailing westwards, others will enjoy the Caribbean for a few seasons and others will have to sail back to Europe. But for many, home, is somewhere else....

On the Northerly route back, the Atlantic Ocean is known for its vastness, unpredictable weather patterns, and challenging sea state. Sailing against prevailing winds can result in extended voyage durations and increased fuel consumption.

One alternative is to get in touch with a professional yacht transport company that will ship your boat back safely.

Now, participants of The Viking Explorers Rally can focus on the adventure of a lifetime without worrying about the logistical complexities of bringing their yachts back home.

The rally is delighted to announce its collaboration with Sevenstar Yacht Transport as the Official Yacht Transport Partner of the rally. Sevenstar Yacht Transport ensures all of your yachts are safely transported back home after an incredible and joint adventure across the Atlantic and the Caribbean.

After embarking on an exhilarating sailing journey following the trade winds across the Atlantic and exploring the Caribbean, participants can rely on Sevenstar's expertise to ship their yachts back home, avoiding the hardships and wear & tear associated with sailing back to Europe against the weather.

Their unparalleled reputation and expertise in yacht transportation ensure that our participants can focus on the adventure of a lifetime without worrying about the logistical complexities of bringing their yachts back home, and solves one of the issues sailors have.

Transporting your yacht back home with a reputable yacht transport company ensures professional handling, optimal safety measures, and a streamlined process. It eliminates the uncertainties and dangers associated with a long and difficult return journey, allowing yacht owners to protect their yacht from unnecessary wear and tear.

Marieke Derks is fully emerged in the cruising world and is a passionate destination expert. She has been a representative for Sevenstar Yacht Transport since 2013 and is renowned for her exceptional customer service and commitment to delivering yachts safely and efficiently to destinations worldwide. She will attend to the rally preparations in December 2023 in Las Palmas, available for all questions regarding yacht transport. 

Below, you can find the calendar for the upcoming season 2024. Drop them a line and tell them you are a participant of the Viking Explorers Rally at : marieke@sevenstar-asia-com.



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