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More companies keep adding value to the Viking Explorers Rally.

We love Rum !

The Viking Explorers Rally has always been supported by local rum companies. On one side, as sailors we know that most of us like rum, on the other hand it is a nice way to contribute to the local economy, furthermore, a local brand would also help to promote the destination.

So now, being the destination Grenada since 2021, the rally has signed an agreement with the Grenada Distillery as Official Arrival Host. The producers of the famous Clarke´s Court Rum will be hosting the participants in Grenada, together with the Granada Tourism Authority and Port Louis Marina, among many other companies.

Clarke's Court rum has been in operation since 1937. They are the largest and best-known distillery in Grenada. The factory is situated in the southern part of the island, Woodlands Valley, which is in the parish of St George. Clarke's Court rum derived its name from Clarke's Court Bay in Woodlands, which is a few minutes away from the factory. While in Grenada, come visit the Clarke’s Court Rum Distillery, Grenada Distillers Limited, it is a "must see" for all visitors. When you arrive you would be welcomed by one of their friendly and knowledgeable tour guides, who would explain their history and all the different processes and stages of making their fine rum. You would learn of the distilling process from sugar cane, syrup and molasses, to rum, and also the aging, blending and bottling processes of making rum and much more!

While in Grenada come visit the Clarke’s Court Rum Distillery, Grenada Distillers Limited, it is a "must see" for all visitors, we are the island’s best-known and largest distillery and one of the most interesting historical sites. Visit their website at

Mount Cinnamon Boutique Luxury Resort

Mount Cinnamon Resort also supports the Viking Explorers now. A luxury resort situated in an astonishing corner of this paradise.

Heritage-meets-modern haven. Bespoke artistry, entwined with a hint of exquisite elegance. An eco-luxe hideaway spiced with moments to savor. A family owned respite seeped in British Heritage…this is Peter de Savary’s Mount Cinnamon Resort in Grenada.

Gracefully tucked on the hillside atop Grand Anse Beach, an enclave of 37 luxury villas and suites, each with its own veranda of sweeping views of natural, unspoiled beauty, awaits your discovery.

The Grand Anse Beach is one of the main beaches in this area. The participants sail alongside this beach before entering Port Louis Marina. Seen here in the distance.

These companies will now add even more value to an event, that seems to have captured the interest of many sailors. After a few tough years due to the pandemic, the rally has never ceased its activity and keeps offering a more private and family like service to participants that want to cross the Atlantic safe and in company of a small fleet.



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