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The 1st Viking Explorers 2022 arrive at Port Louis Marina, Grenada, in its 5th edition after 23 days

Viking Explorers 2022 arrival Grenada
Captain Hermann, Ute and Klaus happy to be in Port Louis Marina, Grenada

A great achievement by Hermann, Ute, and Klaus from the German sailing yacht Thetis, a Schionning Wilderness 1650 Catamaran, who left Las Palmas of Gran Canaria on the Canary Islands together with the rest of the fleet in early January. They had been already for months on the Canary Islands, enjoying their stay and preparing their boat to cross the Atlantic together with the rest of the participants.

On 29th of January at 07:45am, the crew of SY Thetis was welcomed in Port Louis Marina by Chinel Sandy from the Grenada Tourism Authority, Zara Tremlett, Marina Manager and the Viking Explorers team. Some cold beers where handed over and the crew received a beautiful basket with local products.

Viking Explorers at Grenada
Chinel Sandy, from the Grenada Tourism Authority welcoming the crew

Viking Explorers 2022 arrival Grenada
Captain Hermann and his basket full of local products

Viking Explorers at Port Louis Marina, Grenada
The crew was welcomed by Port Louis Marina manager Zara Tremlett, Chinel Sandy from the GTA and Carlota Texeira from Viking Explorers

20 boats and 71crew left the Canary Islands on the 6th of January on their way across the Atlantic and after a good strong start the fleet found more fluky conditions with little wind due to low pressure systems, developing in more lower latitudes than usual and affecting the Tradewinds, being this year a longer crossing.

This was Hermann´s second Atlantic crossing and as he reported on his arrival: “We had very little wind, no squalls, no rain a very relaxed crossing. “

SY Thetis was supposed to sail on the direct route but like others, contacted the Rally to advise about his decision to stop in Mindelo, Cape Verde, 4 days after leaving the Canary Islands, for a technical fuel stop. Many participants opted this year to stop in Mindelo, in Cape Verde where they were welcomed by the Marina Mindelo that offered a party and after stocking up left on their way to Grenada.

After their stop Hermann decided to leave for a more southerly route and find more wind. After a day out at sea, they reported to the Viking Explorers Tracking Team an electrical failure and decided to return to Mindelo. Fortunately Hermann solved the problem and decided to continue their way towards Grenada.

Grenada and the Viking Explorers
The tracking of SY Thetis clearly shows their route further south and their Technical problems

Most of the fleet is on its way and the rest of the fleet will arrive in the next few days. The conditions are good and no boat has informed about any mayor incidences, some have used more engine in the more calmer days, others have taken the time to fish, relax and enjoy the big blue.

The Participants will enjoy Sundowners, parties and the Welcome Ceremony at the True Blue Bay Resort, celebrating their success, crossing the Atlantic from the Canary Islands to Grenada. Indeed a great achievement after so many days out at sea. Sailors will be able to join the parades and ceremonies at the Grenada Independence Day on the 7th of February, commemorating Grenada´s independence in 1974.

The Team is ready at Port Louis Marina and looking forward to meet the fleet again, this time in the Caribbean.

With 20 boats on this 5th event, ranging from 35-60 feet from New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Sweden, Netherland, Poland and Germany, participants are keen cruisers that agree to the rally’s ethos of helping each other as much as possible.


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