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Viking Explorers Rally 6th edition to Grenada

The "Friendly Rally" is getting ready for another great event in his 3rd visit to Grenada.

After another successful event the Viking Explorers Rally will depart for the 6th consecutive year from las Palmas de Gran Canaria on the 6th of January across the Atlantic to the beautiful Island of Grenada. This will be the 3rd year the rally visits the Spice island of the Caribbean.

Port Louis Marina, Grenada, Port of Call for the Viking Explorers

As countries are dropping health protocols and life slowly seems to come back to normal the Viking Explorers rally 2023 has already 23 confirmed entries from sailors from all around the world. The aim of the Viking Explorers is to create a nice small family and to have fun while crossing safely the Atlantic together.

The rally has gained a lot of popularity but it will keep it´s ethos of being a reduced exclusive group of maximum 25 boats.

"Only in a reduced fleet you can maximize safety, camaraderie and service, furthermore, the whole team has so much fun", says Carlota, PR for Viking Explores.

At Viking Explorers the preparations start early, the crews are already starting to know each other as all the skippers are now connected through a WhatsApp Group, together with the Viking Explorers Team. Soon the famous " friendly and non-formal " online get-togethers will start through the next months and by the time the fleet meets in Las Palmas on the first day on the 11th of December, most of them will already know each other. Every year the fleet experiences a high level of camaraderie with a nice likeminded group of sailors in a nice relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

The organizers have spent some time in Grenada again and are happy to have such a great support by the Grenada Community. Specially with the Grenada Tourism Authority and Camper&Nicholson Port Louis Marina, being the main supporters.

Zara Tremlett CMM, Marina Manager at Port Louis Marina in Grenada comments,

"We are always delighted to welcome the fun, friendly and relaxed Viking Explorers fleet to our shores in January each year, and so pleased to see the rally progress each year".

The Viking Explorers Rally 2023 will sail to Grenada with a stop in Marina Mindelo, Cape Verde, due to the request of participants. The marina has welcomed the rally every year making the fleet feel safe and offering best services. During the pandemic some boats preferred the direct route but as all health protocols have been dropped, the Rally sees this stop as an important alternative, due to safety issues and provisioning.

The famous floating bar in Mindelo.

The Rally is supported by many companies that help the organization to fulfil these sailor´s dreams of crossing the Atlantic. It has also the support from the main Cruising Associations like Anavre, The Spanish Cruising Association, OCC, Ocean Cruising Club and SSCA, Seven Seas Cruising Association, which also helps monitoring the fleet.

Preliminary Poster Viking Explorers Rally
Preliminary Poster VE2023

The concept of Viking Explorers seems to be liked by real cruisers wanting to cross the social way, in a smaller group , as we say “ The Viking Explorers Family”.

Viking Explorers is not a race and the organization encourages the fleet to help each other.

The Viking Explorers does a great effort in helping the environment. It collaborates with the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the Program Sail and Whale. Participants are encouraged to forward data with the sighting of cetaceans.

Also Eco-friendly companies are supporting the event by offering free products to participants.

The Viking Explorers tries to reduce their negative impact towards the environment, reduces drastically plastic used at their events, and creates awareness within the sailing community for a better and cleaner planet.

Zara Tremlett continues, “Visiting Grenada in January is the perfect time to visit the Caribbean. The season is in full swing, the marina is busy and there is a fantastic atmosphere. Cruising routes around Grenada and Carriacou are not to be missed, with plenty of beautiful bays and coves to explore not far from your home port.”



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