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Welcome to Viking Explorers 2022

Viking Explorers Rally 2022 Seminars start in Gran Canaria, Canary Islands

Most of the participants of the VE2022 are now in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. A great family

The 5th edition of the Viking Explorers started their seminars this Sunday 12th of

December at the Prestigious Club Marítimo Varadero, with an international fleet of

22 boats.

Known as the Friendly Rally, participants presented themselves on stage and received their Welcome Pack with many gifts from sponsors. Participants already knew each other due to several online meeting organized by Viking Explorers during the last months aiming to create a nice family where everybody knows each other in a very emotive atmosphere with like-minded people.

Boats and crews from all around the world, from New Zealand to Belgium gathered together and enjoyed a fun morning full of stories and met their new friends, this time, life.

Reg,Susan,Michal and Karolina from Sy Misty Blue, UK.

After this emotive presentation, participants enjoyed a coffee break at the Club Marítimo Varadero, followed by a “informal “ group photo that was promptly organized by the official photographer Tony Mateo from the Viking Explorers.

Oliver Solanas Heinrichs, "What If" Safety Seminar

After the break, Oliver Solanas Heinrichs, managing director of the Viking Explorers presented his Safety Seminar “ WHAT IF “. A seminar based not only on the World Sailing Offshore Regulations, but on own experiences and further more, experiences from sailors who have crossed the Atlantic before. Participants also interact and can give their experiences which are then also used to “ update” this seminar for next coming years.

Indeed, the seminars at the Viking Explorers are very special, where participants can also contribute , something only possible in smaller fleets.

Sebastian from the Swedish vessel Yolo, came up on stage and invited the fleet to a typical Swedish party on the assigned pontoon for the fleet. Everybody was enthusiastic to have this “unofficial” pontoon party.

This happens often within the Viking Explorers, parties, get-togethers, dinners, offered by participants and with the collaboration of the rally. That's what we like, a nice family atmosphere, says Carlota, PR for the Viking Explorers.

Fancoise and Xavier from Sy Jiyu, Belgium

The rally is looking forward to a full week of seminars, lectures and events, before a Christmas Break and the fleet will then meet again early January for the Skippers Briefing and by then boats shall all be ready to depart on the 6th of January, on their way to Grenada. Some will stop in Mindelo, Cape Verde, other will take the direct route. These two routes are optional and the departure on the 6th will be an unanimous decision from captain and the organization if it is safe to leave due to the weather forecast.

Dave, Sy Meander, UK



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